Personal health coaching

Personal Health Coaching


Staying committed to health and wellness isn’t always easy. Sometimes you just need a little nudge – someone to help you set goals, inspire you to reach them, and hold you accountable when you just don’t feel like making healthy choices.

As an OSU Health Plan member, 你可以从训练有素的bet36体育在线专业人士那里获得免费的个人bet36体育在线指导. 您将与您的教练一起制定行动计划和个性化的策略,以满足您特定的bet36体育在线需求. Your coach will support you through regular phone sessions, and when needed, 将您与社区资源联系起来,帮助您实现bet36体育在线之旅.

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Personal Health Coaching Services

个人bet36体育在线指导是保密和自愿的,旨在帮助您实现个人bet36体育在线. 俄勒冈州立大学的bet36体育在线教练可以帮助你制定有关以下方面的行动计划:

  • Weight Management
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Stress Management

Hours: Monday - Thursday, 7:30am-7:30pm; Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm. Appointments are 20 to 30 minutes via phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

所有符合福利条件的教师和工作人员以及参加医疗计划的成年家属都有资格享受bet36体育在线辅导服务. 参加个人bet36体育在线辅导计划是完全自愿和保密的. 只有俄勒冈州立大学的bet36体育在线计划,也就是bet36体育在线教练的大本营,可以查看你的记录.

Is group health coaching available?

有兴趣加入一群有共同bet36体育在线兴趣和目标的七叶树同伴? Group health coaching is a great way to share your ideas, tips, and goals with others during a group session. Visit Link to Health 了解更多即将推出的项目并注册(点击团体bet36体育在线辅导课程).

Is health coaching right for me?

俄勒冈州立大学bet36体育在线计划的bet36体育在线教练可以帮助你设定和实现与体重管理相关的行动计划, nutrition, physical activity, tobacco cessation, and/or stress management. Meet the OSU Health Plan health coaches in this online webinar to learn more about our team and other programs we lead at Ohio State.

Health Coaches


Laura oversees the daily operations of the personal health coaching team. A native of Columbus, 劳拉毕业于肯特州立大学,拥有心理学和社会学双学位. 她还拥有俄亥俄州立大学公共卫生和临床咨询硕士学位. She is a licensed counselor and certified as a health education specialist, as a health coach from the Cooper Institute, 还是企业bet36体育在线与bet36体育在线协会的企业bet36体育在线顾问. 劳拉还担任过bet36体育在线教育家和心理bet36体育在线危机干预专家. 劳拉喜欢与俄亥俄州立大学bet36体育在线计划团队合作,以促进学术界的综合bet36体育在线和bet36体育在线, business, health care and public sectors.

林赛毕业于代顿大学,获得营养学学士学位. 她持有Wellcoaches公司颁发的bet36体育在线和保健教练证书,并通过饮食注册委员会(Commission on Dietetic Registration)的成人体重管理一级和二级认证. 林赛在行为改变减肥项目中有丰富的经验,对bet36体育在线教练的理念非常有热情. 她喜欢烹饪和健身,总是准备好与朋友和家人一起进行有趣的新冒险.

杰西卡毕业于俄亥俄州立大学,获得营养学学士学位,并拥有鲍灵格林州立大学食品与营养专业的毕业证书. 杰西卡是一名经过认证的bet36体育在线教练,在产前和产后锻炼方面也获得了认证. 她是一名儿科营养师,在产前和产后营养方面有丰富的经验,最近作为认证生活方式教练教授糖尿病预防项目. 杰西卡喜欢和家人共度美好时光,喜欢看棒球比赛和积极锻炼身体.

亚当毕业于俄亥俄北方大学(Ohio Northern University),获得了运动生理学学士学位,并通过wellcoach获得了bet36体育在线教练证书. 他曾从事心肺康复工作,最近在商业运动行业担任个人健身教练. He enjoys helping members achieve their goals. 亚当的兴趣包括重量训练、跑步、运动和户外活动.

Michael毕业于俄亥俄州立大学(The Ohio State University),获得bet36体育在线科学学士学位和公共卫生硕士学位. 除了在美国度过7年的时间外,他最近还在Interactive health担任bet36体育在线教练,并在一家多学科的体重管理中心工作.S. Army. He enjoys staying physically active by participating in long-distance running, lifting weights, and exercising outdoors.

艾莉森毕业于俄亥俄州立大学(The Ohio State University),拥有运动生理学硕士学位,并持有Wellcoaches公司颁发的bet36体育在线和保健教练证书. Alison worked several years in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. 她热衷于帮助俄亥俄州立大学社区实现他们的bet36体育在线目标. 艾莉森喜欢通过在户外跑步来保持活力,和她的丈夫以及两个年幼的孩子在一起很开心. 她还喜欢看大学体育比赛,尤其是俄亥俄州立大学的足球比赛,业余时间也喜欢看书.

邦妮毕业于威尔明顿学院,获得了bet36体育在线和体育教育学位. 她拥有美国运动协会颁发的bet36体育在线教练证书和美国运动医学学院颁发的运动生理学家证书. Bonnie has worked in the employee wellness field for over 10 years, and has coached individuals across the country. Bonnie’s interests include exploring state parks with hiking/walking trails, HIIT workouts, and eating healthy on the go.

阿曼达拥有代顿大学心理学学士学位和俄亥俄州立大学咨询硕士学位. She has extensive experience in career and wellness counseling, 帮助人们通过自我发现和小环境来过最好的生活, manageable goals that lead to meaningful change. She is currently working on obtaining her Wellcoaches Certification. She enjoys staying active by taking her dogs on different adventures, whether that be walks around the neighborhood or hikes in a state park.

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