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COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center was among the first hospitals in the nation to administer the first round of COVID-19 vaccines. Please visit the Wexner Medical Center website to review updates on vaccine availability, eligibility, cost and frequently asked questions.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Members have a lot of questions related to the OSU Health Plan's acceptance of telehealth/telemedicine. We have updated our policy for the COVID-19 public health emergency and provided you with forms and FAQ's. For questions, please call .

Where can I learn more about telehealth?

OSU Health Plan members can review our Telehealth FAQ.

What exceptions exist for provider payment and billing?

View the latest version of our COVID-19 exceptions policy.

What is OSU Health Plan's telemedicine reimbursement policy?

OSU Health Plan's current reimbursement policy can be found here.

Will OSU Health Plan cover COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody tests under any circumstance?

During the public health emergency exception period², OSU Health Plan will cover medically necessary COVID-19 (molecular PCR or antigen) testing when ordered by a physician or health care professional for diagnostic purposes or to determine the need for member treatment.¹ This applies to direct-to-consumer/home-based diagnostic or antigen tests. OSU Health Plan generally does not cover a test performed at the direction of a member’s employer in order to obtain or maintain employment or to perform the member’s normal work functions or for return to school or recreational activities, except as required by applicable law.

OSU Health Plan will cover, without cost share, serological (antibody) tests that are ordered by a physician or authorized health care professional and are medically necessary. OSU Health Plan does not cover serological (antibody) tests that are for purposes of: return to work or school or for general health surveillance or self-surveillance or self-diagnosis, except as required by applicable law. Refer to the CDC website for the most recent guidance on antibody testing.

¹ OSU Health Plan will follow all federal and state mandates for insured plans, as required.

² See COVID-19 Exceptions for Provider Payments and Billing PRPP1.1.

Will OSU Health Plan cover COVID-19 testing-related visits?

OSUHP is covering COVID-19 testing-related visits during the public health emergency exception period² whether the testing-related visit is received in a healthcare setting or via Telehealth.

² See COVID-19 Exceptions for Provider Payments and Billing PRPP1.

Will OSU Health Plan cover COVID-19 Treatment?

Although OSUHP covers the diagnostic components of a COVID-19 related visit, treatments for COVID-19 and/or other conditions will be processed per the member’s benefit plan.

Who should be tested and what should I do next about COVID-19?

Not everyone needs to be tested for COVID‑19. Your doctor or state or local health department will decide if you should be tested. Use this online screening tool to help guide you.

Where can I find COVID-19 testing, prevention and treatment policy?

You can click here to review the COVID-19 testing, prevention and treatment policy.


Telehealth and Convenient Care Updates

Biometric Health Screenings

  • Please visit this page and follow the instructions under the "Schedule Your Screening" section to see what requirements are necessary to participate in an on-campus screening.

Health Coaching

  • Telephonic health coaching and web-based group health coaching programs continue as planned.
  • Many events continue to take place via web-based programming. Future in-person events are being explored for Fall 2021.

Educational Programs

  • All Educational Programs will continue to be delivered virtually. Future in-person events are being explored for Fall 2021.

Chair Massages

  • Chair Massage events returned summer 2021 with COVID protocols in place.

WW (Weight Watchers)

  • All Ohio State-sponsored in-person WW meetings have been converted to virtual meetings until further notice.

Other Calendar Events

  • Many YP4H calendar events continue to be offered in a virtual format. You are encouraged to contact the event host to confirm the status of events prior to attending. 

Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Resources

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) provides valuable information and checklists in various languages. Learn more from ODH, as well as updates on OSU Health Plan services. Click here for more.


Managing the impacts of COVID-19? We're here to help.

View the latest EAP webinars for tips on how to manage the stress and changes that are related to COVID-19.

For information related to the Coronavirus, visit the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center website.

Below are additional resources from the Ohio Department of Health with information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

How to Talk To Your Kids About Coronavirus

Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

COVID-19 and Stigma

Below is information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention about gatherings.

Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings